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The Passive

اذهب الى الأسفل

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مُساهمة من طرف mouloud في الخميس 3 يناير - 13:03

Remember these!

Present tenses

am/is/are + past participle

am/is/are + being + past participle

have/has been + past participle

Past tenses

was/were + past participle

was/were + being + past participle

had been + past participle

Future tenses

will be + past participle

will have + been + past participle

is/are going to be + past participle

Present/Future modals

modal + be + past participle

Past modals

modal + have been + past participle

a. Turn these sentences into the passive.

    <LI class=Style19>My uncle manages a huge firm.
    <LI class=Style19>My children like toys very much.
    <LI class=Style19>My little sister sometimes asks stupid questions.
    <LI class=Style19>Those people are talking about politics.
    <LI class=Style19>They are writing the test exercises at the present time.
    <LI class=Style19>Kamal is carrying a heavy box.
    <LI class=Style19>I have sent a parcel to the USA.
    <LI class=Style19>Jalil has received two letters.
  1. Willy has bought a limousine.

b. Turn these sentences into the passive.

    <LI class=Style19>Ziryab composed some beautiful love songs.
    <LI class=Style19>Hind lost her family in a road accident.
    <LI class=Style19>The customer ordered a green salad and a cheese sandwich.
    <LI class=Style19>I was cleaning my room when the light went out.
    <LI class=Style19>My wife was making a pizza when I arrived home.
    <LI class=Style19>The teacher was explaining the irregular verbs to the students.
    <LI class=Style19>She had taken all my books.
    <LI class=Style19>I replied the teacher’s question politely.
  1. Pablo Picasso had painted Guernica in 1937.

c. Turn these sentences into the passive.

    <LI class=Style19>Jalil and Jamal will finish the job tomorrow.
    <LI class=Style19>The dog will eat the bone.
    <LI class=Style19>They will move before June.
    <LI class=Style19>He will have begun the job by next week.
    <LI class=Style19>Man will have set colonies in the moon by the year 2050.
    <LI class=Style19>I will have completed his high studies by the end of next year.
    <LI class=Style19>They are going to have some Chinese food for dinner.
    <LI class=Style19>Jalil is going to offer me a watch for my coming birthday.
  1. She is going to invite her friends for lunch next weekend.

d. Turn these sentences into the passive.

    <LI class=Style19>Jalil can speak two foreign languages.
    <LI class=Style19>The firm may give a high rise to the workers.
    <LI class=Style19>The lazy students might get weak marks in the test.
    <LI class=Style19>Jamal should learn the irregular verbs.
    <LI class=Style19>Drivers ought to respect the traffic law.
    <LI class=Style19>Obese people had better practise sport everyday.
    <LI class=Style19>Moroccan people must apply for visas to travel to the UK.
  1. The prisoners have to clean their cells every weekend.

e. Turn these sentences into the passive.

    <LI class=Style19>My little brother should have broken the vase.
    <LI class=Style19>He should have got a bad mark in the French test.
    <LI class=Style19>Students ought to have learned the irregular verbs by heart.
    <LI class=Style19>The bank may have received my fax.
    <LI class=Style19>The boss may have offered Jamal a new duty in the company.
    <LI class=Style19>She might have done the homework correctly.
    <LI class=Style19>They might have had dinner in a Chinese diner.
  1. The ministers of foreign affairs might have talked about the world economic crisis
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مُساهمة من طرف bahri في الخميس 3 يناير - 13:15

merci mon ami moulod تابع comme ça

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مُساهمة من طرف hacker في الأحد 6 يناير - 7:06

thank's my friend i'm verry happy for this sujet

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